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MIYAKO uses only the freshest ingredients.
We create a happy time with sushi made with fresh ingredients.
We will impress you with our friendly service.
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Our mission at Miyako Sushi is to create an intimate community experience that engages, educates and delights. With over a decade in the profession of traditional Japanese cuisine, The Executive Chef brings the Omakase forward style of preparation juxtaposed with unexpected and innovative flavor profiles from around the world. The seasonal menu blurs the line between modern and classic delicacy. Dishes are plated in an entrancingly beautiful fashion and enjoyed in a manner that will excite all five senses. Not to be outdone, the Ronin Bar will offer curated Japanese whiskey, sake and a local spirits list to complement the menu.


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Phone: 310) 396-5533
Adress: 2829 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90405

Our restaurant offers new and fresh flavors and promises to make your time with us happy.

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